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Environmental Assessments and Services

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment:

A review of present and past uses of a site and it’s vicinity for determination of potential environmental impact, completed by a “Qualified Person” (QPRSC) in conformance with Canadian Standards Association and current Ontario Ministry of Environment guidelines. The review may include:

  • Visual examination of site,
  • Interviewing persons with knowledge of site (owners, tenants, prospective purchasers, etc.) 
  • Assessment of historical records (land titles, municipal directories, aerial photographs, etc.)
  • Contact with government and non-government agencies such as; Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) and Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), for records pertaining to the site
  • Issuing a report outlining findings and recommendations on the environmental condition of a site

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment:

An invasive subsurface investigation whose purpose is to define and delineate any contamination that may be present on a site, as a result of findings of a Phase I Environmental Assessment. The Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is completed by a “Qualified Person” (QPRSC) and meets the requirements of Ontario Regulation 153/04, Records of Site Condition.  The investigation includes:

  • Obtaining samples of subsoils and groundwater for site-specific chemical analysis
  •  Determination of applicable criteria for chemical analysis based on use of site, in conformance with O. Reg. 153/04.
  • Interpretation of test results including Risk Assessment and development of Conceptual Site Model
  • Issuing a report outlining findings and providing site-specific remediation plan, if warranted 

Remediation & Decommissioning:

  • Determining extent of contamination by way of subsurface soil and groundwater sampling for site-specific parameters, in conformance with O. Reg. 153/04
  • Devising both in-situ and ex-situ soil and groundwater remedial plans
  •  Supervising remedial procedures and carrying out confirmatory sampling of soils and groundwater
  •  Monitoring underground storage tank (UST) removal
  • Conducting soil and groundwater sampling for chemical analysis for purpose of off-site disposal, in conformance with O. Reg. 558
  • Conducting Designated Substance Surveys, in conformance with the Ministry of Labour and regulations set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Filling of Record of Site Conditions (RSC), in conformance with Ministry of Environment Guidelines and O. Reg. 153/04

Hydrogeologic Services:

  • Determination of groundwater level and direction of flow
  • Recommendations on effects of water table on foundations, excavations and subsequent dewatering measures
  • Analysis of groundwater for purpose of discharge into sewers
  • Recommendations on groundwater remediation
  •  Analysis, design and recommendation on subsurface drainage, surface water management and infiltration systems