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Quality Control and Testing Services

Haddad Geotechnical Inc. provides a broad range of on-site and laboratory testing and quality control services, all in conformance with current and applicable ASTM, CSA and AASHTO standards.


On-Site Inspections:

  • Inspection of foundation bearing strata for shallow and deep foundations
  • Installation of helical piers and micro-piles
  • Installation of temporary shoring and tie-back stressing
  • Excavation, cut slopes and other earthworks
  • Subgrade Approval
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection
  • Grout Injection Monitoring
  • Monitoring Installation of buried services (water mains, sewers, etc.)
  • Ground Reinforcement

Quality Control and On-Site Testing:

  • In-situ density gauge testing of engineered fill, granular base and sub-basecourses
  • Ready-mix and hand-mix concrete testing (air entrainment, slump, flow and compressive strength)
  • Mortar testing
  • Asphalt pavement quality and compaction control
  • Permeability and frost susceptibility tests
  • Aggregate selection

Laboratory Testing:

  • Determination of various soil properties (unit weight, earth pressure coefficient, internal angle of friction, etc.)
  • Moisture content
  • Gradation analyses of natural subsoils, fill materials and aggregates
  • Standard and Modified Proctor testing
  • Compressive strength testing of concrete, concrete block, brick, mortar and grout