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Geotechnical and Civil Services

Haddad Geotechnical Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive geotechnical investigation services, both at the preliminary (site feasibility) and supplementary (detailed) stages. The services include evaluation, consultation and design in the following categories:



  • Study and recommendation on foundation types (shallow and deep), their design and construction
  • Evaluation of soil bearing capacity and seismic design parameters
  • Investigation of foundation settlement, cracking, heaving and other soil related problems
  • Evaluation of existing foundations for available capacity for upper floor additions
  • Recommendations for underpinning


  • Evaluation and recommendations on existing and long-term slope stability
  • Design and recommendations on slope reinforcement and erosion protection
  • Design of cuts and earthfills

Soil Retainment:

  • Evaluation of earth pressures on retaining walls, shoring and other subgrade structures
  • Recommendations on design and construction of temporary shoring
  • Study and evaluation of effects of surcharge loading and security of excavation cuts 


  • Evaluation of existing pavement conditions
  • Recommendation and review of pavement design for vehicle parking, major and minor highways and truck usage


  • Evaluation and design of engineered fills
  • Recommendations on backfilling, compaction operations and soil improvements
  • Design of subgrade, sub-base and base-course materials for slab-on-grade, service trenches, roadways, etc.
  • Evaluation and recommendation on excavation and grading procedures