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Design, Legal, and Other Services


On-Site Sewage System Design:

Many of our clients are involved in projects located outside of major urban and community areas, where connecting to municipal sewers and water systems is not an option. Such sites may include residential homes, cottages, commercial and institutional buildings in rural country areas. Such sites require an on-site system to treat and dispose of ‘sewage’ and wastewater from normal activities.

The system typically consists of a septic tank, treatment plant and a disposal field that combine to treat the waste prior to releasing back into the environment.


Haddad Geotechnical Inc. is a Registered Designer Firm with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) and provides design and inspection of construction of such on-site sewage systems for most types of residential, commercial and institutional properties.


Forensic Consulting/Legal Support & Peer Review:

Our company’s collective experience over the past four decades has gained us a reputation of being a thorough and reliable firm for acting as a Peer Reviewer. Haddad provides peer review services for many law firms, insurance companies, municipalities and other clients seeking a secondary expert opinion relating to geotechnical and environmental projects.


Haddad Geotechnical Inc. has also provided numerous expert witness testimonies and forensic consultation/investigation in a wide range of civil and criminal cases, relating to both geotechnical and environmental engineering. Our input aids in determining causes of various building and structure failures for insurance claims, property owner disputes and other litigations.


Other Services:

Designated Substance Surveys

Preconstruction Surveys

Crack Monitoring